Kelsey Ingram

Kelsey has always been involved in sports, from competitive swimming and surfing, to horseriding and waterpolo. Kelsey started to harbor pain in her body in her 20's which lead to her interest in Anatomy and Biomechanics.

She had a desire to learn more about the body, and to better understand her own injuries. A combination of muscular imbalances and a stress fracture in her lumbar spine lead to her own medical merry go round, from one professional to the next.

My injuries were preventing me from living the active life I loved to live and it wasn't until I started specifically stretching and strengthening my body that I could return to an active lifestyle, "pain free".

Kelsey Ingram is now a Fitness Australia Registered Personal Trainer, with a Certificate IV in Fitness. Kelsey is a qualified Gym Instructor, Childrens Trainer, Older Adults Trainer, and has recently become a Chek Coach. Kelsey is currently working at one of Australia's leading health retreats as well as training her own clients.

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